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AcuStrike™️ Golf Putting Training Rod

Become a golf star player

Can you hit the golf ball far with force or did you ignore the direction of the ball after it was hit? Maintain smooth and precise putting with AcuStrike™️ Golf Putting Training Rod! This keeps you in the proper posture and lets you hit every putt solid and will help you have consistent distance control. It is suitable for beginners, hobbyists, and amateur golfers. 



  • Keeps your stroke in the plane. AcuStrike™️ Golf Putting Training Rod helps to keep your stroke on the plane. If you take the putter back outside the line, the rod will fall. The perfect one-piece connection between the shoulders, arms, and hands. This aid provides great and instant feedback.


  • Stay healthy and have fun. You can perform simulation exercises indoors in your spare time or when there is no weather, and you can experience putting feeling like a court. Help you keep healthy and have fun.


  • An essential tool for golf beginners. Because this golf trainer is easy to carry, you can enjoy sports anytime, anywhere, at home, gym, hotel, park, or traveling.


  • More goal conscious. This putting rod intuitively reminds the player in which direction the ball will move when putting and hitting, thereby help the players to hit the ball accurately in practice and make the players hit the ball to the target area more effectively and accurately.

Product Details

Components: ABS Plastic

Package includes: 

1 x AcuStrike™️ Golf Putting Training Rod

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