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Golf Swing Mirror Trainer

You can easily learn the secrets and let your muscle memory develop the techniques to achieve a winning shot every time! This SwingAssist Golf Putting Mirror Trainerallows you to effortlessly check your golf club alignment, eye positioning, and shoulder while putting. Become a master of putting in no time! 


  • Blindspot-Free Putting - It has a mirror that provides a full view of your eyes, shoulders, shaft, putter, face, and arms. The best starter guide for golf alignment strokes and an instant feedback tracking mirror. Effortlessly monitor your improvement without having a hard time!
  • Posture Perfect like A PRO - Are you having a hard time keeping your stroke and swings well aligned? Then this SwingAssist Golf Putting Mirror Trainer is perfect for you! Corrects your body positioning and stance in an optimal putting way. This is an absolute game-changer when it comes to body conditioning for golf!
Speed Trap - EyeLine Golf - Touch of Modern
  • Easy-Peasy to Setup & Use - This SwingAssist Golf Putting Mirror Trainer is not difficult to assemble or use! No problem at all, because this is already assembled and ready to be used! The poles are easy to remove and attach for a better swing guide. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use due to its anti-skid platform design.
  • Universal for ALL-SKILL level- An optimum training for your muscle memory that yields best putting results. It has 4 guiding poles that correct angle and club positioning which is best for beginners while the actual lines and guides are really helpful for experts as well.

Product Details:

  • Components: Acrylic
  • Dimension: 

Product Inclusion/s:

  • 1 set SwingAssist Golf Putting Mirror Trainer

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