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Golf Doctor™ Practice Mat

Master Your Swing, Golf Like A Pro

Knowing where the ball makes contact with the face of your club is crucial for a straight shot. In fact, contacting the ball first at a downward angle will increase the average golfer's distance by 20 yards! Professionals make it look easy, but that's because they've practiced for tens of thousands of hours.

The Golf Doctor™ Practice Mat is guaranteed to help you:

  • achieve better impact
  • straighten your shot
  • review and analyze your swing after every shot

With our Golf Doctor™ Practice Mat, you can get the practice that you need to revolutionize your golf game. Whether you're striking a real ball, our practice balls, or just swinging the club, our mat will always show you exactly what kind of swing you did, and where your ball would end up. 

Helpful Tip💡

90% of slices and hooks are directly caused by striking the ball with an incorrect clubhead path. Getting the clubface square at impact is the ultimate fixer for this problem, and will increase your game drastically.

Lightweight and portable, the Golf Doctor™ can be brought with you anywhere, practice your game at work, on vacation, in a hotel, and anywhere else you can. Made with premium materials, the artificial turf feels like hitting off a real fairway, and the high-quality rubber ensures the mat will stay put during use.



1 x pcs swing mat
3 x pcs rainbow balls
1 x Velcro straps
1 x packing bag

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