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HockeyPicks Off-Ice Hockey Stick Protector

Prolong your hockey stick’s life

HockeyPicks Off-Ice Hockey Stick Protector is a wraparound durable plastic that protects your hockey stick’s blade edges from rough outdoor surfaces. It attaches easily to composite or wooden blades. Hockey equipment doesn’t come cheap so it’s best to protect and take care of them from damages of constant and aggressive plays. 


  • Practice hockey even on streets. No ice rinks? This allows you to play ice hockey outside in the streets, driveway, garage or outdoors without wearing down your blade.  Play hockey even on streets without damaging your stick’s blade. HockeyPicks Off-Ice Hockey Stick Protector is a great training aid that wraps on a blade like a thin layer or plastic that covers around your blade. 
  • Prolong your blade’s life. Durable and light and does not affect the feel of ice as you play. Specially formulated plastic is only 1.4 ounces (39g) lightweight that emulates the feel of ice onto your blade off-ice. The toe design improves your blade’s stability and strength. Train and improve your game without worrying about wearing off your blade. 
  • For your favorite hockey player. An ideal gift for your favorite hockey player at home. It’s must-have for playing off-ice hockey. Suitable as training aid for senior, intermediate, and junior sticks, and both right and left handed sticks. A great gift for hockey players of all levels.

Product Details:

Components: Modified plastic polymer
Product Size: One side fits all
Product Weight: 1.4 ounces
Color: black

Package Included:

1 x Off-Ice Hockey Stick Protector

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