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PitchMaster Baseball Pitcher Trainer

Synchronize hand and eye for powerful pitches

Chronic injuries can be avoided as long as you do proper shoulder maintenance even while doing simple warm-ups or cooldowns. With ourPitchMaster Baseball Resistance Band, Improve your blood flow to the shoulder, back and chest muscles to decrease the chances of injuries. The perfect solo raining aid to hone your pitching skills in no time! 


⚾Develop Joint Stability and Endurance:Specifically targets throwing muscle to enhance your accuracy, power and build arm strength. Improve your front side and backside baseball mechanics. Drastically enhance recovery and performance by increasing your arm-shoulder flexibility, strength and endurance. 

⚾Synchronization and Accuracy: Pitch the ball fast and accurately like a Pro! Synchronize hand-eye coordination for powerful and accurate pitches. Works for both right and left-handed pitchers. This PitchMaster Baseball Resistance Band is a simple training aid that will be truly helpful for all skill levels.

⚾Perfect Solo Training Aid:Durable elastic rope that increases resistance over time. Guaranteed durable and long-lasting even after multiple usage. No need for any catcher, mound to practice your pitching anywhere! Practice your pitching skills even at home!

Product Details:

Components: Rubber Rope, Ball
Rope Length: Approx. 1m

Package Included:

1 x PitchMaster Baseball Resistance Band

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