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RxMuscle Hand-held Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

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Therapy after golf

Get a relaxing body massage after a hard day’s play of golf in the driving range with our RxMuscle Hand-held Deep Tissue Percussion Massager! It relieves tired and knotted muscles with intense and targeted massage. Alleviate muscle pain from body areas that receive the most pressure when playing golf. 


  • Relieve tired muscles. RxMuscle Hand-held Deep Tissue Percussion Massager offers deep tissue massage through intense pulsating tapping and vibration. It’s the perfect massager for golf players who intensely uses the entire body from maintaining good swing and posture. This helps relieve muscles from stiffness and soreness from playing sports. 

  • Targeted deep-tissue massage. Handheld massager allows you to target specific common pain areas for golf players. Correcting and maintaining body alignment, rotational range, keeping a stable straddle and knee and swings results in body stiffness and soreness. The interchangeable massage heads allow you to customize and target massage areas such as your shoulders, upper back, leg, calf, thigh, feet and arms. 

  • Choose from 6 different massage speeds. Different areas require different massage pressure. Golf commonly puts pressure and strain on the spine, arms and fingers. Choose the massage intensity at 6 different speeds. This provides faster and satisfying muscle relief. 

  • Home massage therapy. Get relaxation and muscle relief in the comforts of your home. RxMuscle Hand-held Deep Tissue Percussion Massager offers  quick relief for your tired and aching muscles. It’s rechargeable and battery operated. You can get your massage virtually anywhere at home. 

Product Details:

Power Charger

Rated input:100~240V
Rated Voltage: 24V DC
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 2000mAh
Working Hour: 2 Hours

Massage gun

No-load Speed: 3000r/min
Weight: 1.5kg
Dimension: 25x23cm
Frequency: 1200 -3200 rpm adjustable

Package Included:

1 x RxMuscle Hand-held Deep Tissue Percussion Massager
8 x Massage Tips
1 x Power Charger

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