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Automatic Irrigation Controller

Faucet Connection Type

Save Water, Save Money, Live Better

πŸ’§ High-Performance Water Inlet: A thick rubber and plastic internal thread inlet makes this leak-proof and durable

πŸ’§ Large Digital Display: Large screen allows you to accurately read information and make quick adjustments

πŸ’§ Stable Dial Position: Reformative turntable is suitably firm and tight preventing children from accidentally playing with it

πŸ’§ Versatile Program Functioning: A wide variety of programs are available so you can make sure the right areas are getting the right amount of water

Summers are getting hotter, and watering your plants and lawn is getting more important. Everyone wants an irrigation system, but they're expensive to install and difficult to maintain.Β 

Our Automatic Irrigation Controller is the solution to this problem. It easily attaches to any 4/6 point external thread, making it compatible with virtually all outdoor hose systems.Β It's easy to install and even easier to program, allowing you to get the water that your property needs without over/underwatering.

No More Worrying About Whether You Left The Sprinkler Running

The average American family uses 82 gallons of water a day at home. This excessive use leads to shortages, droughts, rising prices, and sanitary issues. Do your part to reduce excess water waste with the Automatic Irrigation Controller.


Material: ABS + Copper
Faucet Connection:
US / EU / UK (optional)
Diameter of Faucet:
27mm(US); 20mm(EU / UK)
Hose Connection:
14mm(Suitable for all known plug-in system)
Working Pressure:
Water Temperature:
Power Supply:
2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
Watering Duration:
adjustable 1~300 minutes
adjustable 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day~7 day
Item Size:
16*10*4.5cm / 6.3*3.9*1.8in

Button setting instructions:
AUTO: Timer waters according to your customized schedule
SET CLOCK: Set the time of day
START TIME:Β  Select what time you would like watering to START
HOW LONG: Determine how long to water
HOW OFTEN: Choose how often you will water
OFF: Turn off all watering

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