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Bug Vacuum

SIMPLE OPERATION: Ideal choice for those who are afraid of bugs and insects. Simply turn the vacuum on, point the narrow nozzle to the creature you want to extract, and the vacuum will gently catch it for you. Then flush into the toilet, or let it go back to the wilderness if you wish.FLEXIBLE: The spider catcher is 40cm long, which means you're going to be at arm length away from the insect. It has an ergonomic shape of a gun that is convenient for children to use.BATTERY POWERED: Get rid of bugs and insects from your home without killing them with this battery-powered Bug Vacuum. Also giving you the option to stun them. Needs 1 x 9V of the battery (not included). BUILT-IN LED LIGHT: This unit has a built-in LED light that lets you specifically position the vacuum in darker areas.SAFELY CATCH & REMOVE: The Bug Vacuum catches bugs and insects from a safe distance to then be released elsewhere. Dimensions: 43.4*8.58*4.6cm

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