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Quik Thaw™ Defrosting Tray

Ice Belongs In The Freezer, Not On Your Meat

 Say goodbye to leaving your steaks in the sink all day in hopes they thaw before dinner. The Quik Thaw™ Defrosting Tray is the best way to make sure dinner is always ready in time.

In just a few short minutes your frozen meat will transform from a block of ice into a block of nice. Not only is this time-saving, but it also preserves the flavor and nutrients of the meat better than microwaving or running under hot water.

  • non-stick top makes food removal and cleanup easy and painless
  • thaws 6X faster than ceramic ware, 9X faster than counters or sinks
  • small grooves allow for liquid to drain safely, keeping meat dry
  • Quik Thaw™ stays cool to the touch, no pre-heating required


Quik Thaw™ is designed using a special metal alloy with a thermal conductivity of over 20,000 times that of regular metals allowing it to achieve high-speed heat exchange. This allows frozen foods to reach their fastest natural thawing effect. 


23 x 16.5 x 0.2cm 

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