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Refrigerator Storage Rack


Save space, organize your refrigerator.

When we say organize, we mean it with every definition of the term. With this Refrigerator Storage Rack, you’ll get to keep more items in your fridge. It allows you to maximize shelf space by adding more storage compartments. Perfect for space-saving.

It’s made of food-grade, plastic equipped with side clips allowing you to hang the storage racks in the refrigerator’s glass or drawer. Crafted with precision and non-slip materials to ensure a stable and secure hold. This gives you more space and chances to put more items in your refrigerator. You can put vegetables, fruits, and other condiments in these racks.

Modernly designed with high-quality PP plastic materials to ensure quality and durability. It does not easily deform, nor fade. It is also made with holes at the bottom for proper ventilation and easy drying. Guaranteed to keep your produce as fresh as possible.

Useful and Versatile

This caddy is super easy to install, use, and wash. Just wash it like how you do your dishes, with soap and water. It is multi-functional too. Works great with other shelves, like your closet, office table, kitchen pantry, and more. This innovative tool makes life more convenient.

You’ll easily find the things you need if your refrigerator is well-organized.

It’s compact, does not take too much space. In fact, it gives you more storage space. The modish design and pastel colors also make it look nice, wherever you desire to hang it. It’s not only useful in the kitchen but in the entire household.

Up your space-saving game with the Refrigerator Storage Pack.


  • Material: PP Plastic
  • Size: 28.5 x 16.4 x 7.6 cm
  • Net Weight: 135 g
  • Gross Weight: 140 g


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