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Catnip Lollipop with Matatabi Stick

Keep your cat healthy and fit

Our Catnip Lollipop with Matatabi Stick is made of 100% natural ingredients without preservatives and additives. One catnip lollipop is equivalent to 5 ordinary catnips. Healthy and all-natural lollipop toys and treats for your cats. It's nutritious, delectable, smells wonderful, and gives your feline's required stock of nutrients for great wellbeing and energy. 


  • An all natural and healthy treat.Catnip is known to boost a cat's energy and aids digestive issues. It also helps prevent gum disease and removes plaque and tartar that causes bad breath in cats. It’s natural and 100% safe for your pet to lick and chew. 
  • Satisfy your cat’s sense of smell. Not just catnip, but matatabi sticks are also known as olfactory enrichment for cats. It helps them feel relaxed and calm. 
    It’s a great addition to catnip treat that your pet can chew, gnaw and play with. 


  • Your cat’s moodmaker.Combine the tempting and exciting effect of catnip and matatabi stick and you’ll get a cat treat that’s highly satisfying, natural and safe that helps boost your pet’s energy, mood, oral health and digestion. So next time your cat looks uneasy, give this Catnip Lollipop with Matatabi Stick to boost its mood.
  • Make training more fun. It’s the perfect reward for obedience training and strengthen your relationship with your pet. Not only is your cat satisfied and happy but will also help it train and release physical discomfort. 

Product Details:

Elements: hardpressed dried catnip, matatabi stick
Product Size: Catnip 3-4cm, Length 15cm

Package Included: 

1 x pack Catnip Lollipop with Matatabi Stick (3pcs)

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