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Creative Halloween Dog Costume


Cute or scary? Why not both! 

Make treat or treating more fun when you dress up your furbabies with these Creative Halloween Dog Costumes that will surely make the day worth celebrating! 


  • Makes dress-up easier - Each costume is designed with velcro straps and ties. No need to struggle when putting on and removing the costume.

  • Lightweight and comfy - These outfits are lightweight and made of comfortable, non-bothering texture and they'll have the option to move around without restrictions. They won’t feel like they have something on! 

  • For small to large puppers! -  You’ll be able to find one that fits your puppers and doggos to a T! Different size options are available. 


    • Variant A chest size
      Small - 43-54cm, Medium 58-68cm, Large - 68-88cm

    • Variant B chest size
       Small - 43-56cm, Medium - 45-75cm, Large - 48-93cm

    • Variant C chest size
      Small - 39cm, Medium - 44cm, Large - 49cm

  • Package includes

    • 1 x  Creative Halloween Dog Costume

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