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Dog Sniffing Plush Training Toy

Train your dog’s senses

A cute plush toy you can fill with dog treats. It stimulates your pet’s sense of smell and hunting instincts. A great way to keep them active and well-fed. Train your dog’s senses by giving it a sniffing challenge using this Dog Sniffing Plush Training Toy. 

  • Give your dog a sniffing challenge. Studies show that sniffing for 10 minutes is equivalent to an hour of running.  It's an incredible method to deliver your dog’s energy even while remaining inside.  Keep your dog active by giving it a sniffing challenge.

  • Make your dog a smart finder. Hide the snacks for your dog to find. Keep your dog alert and increase physical activity. This yellow duck plush toy can be filled with your pet’s favorite treats. It has three velcro back closures and two pockets for dispensing snacks. It’s tear-resistant and bite-resistant at the same time accessible.
    • Boost your dog’s mood and energy. Slow down and reduce your pet’s anxiety and help release discomfort. This sniffing plush toy for dogs keeps pets engaged and concentrates attention. <ade from fleece and stuffing cotton, it also calms down and gives pet comfort. 

    • Get closer to your pet.Spend quality time and strengthen your bond with your dog. Using this plush toy as a training tool, it helps you form a stronger relationship and familiarity with your dog. 

    Product Details:

    Components: Fleece, Stuffing cotton
    Color: Yellow
    Product Size: 36cm x 34 cm/ 14.17 x 13.39 in

    Package Included:

    1 x Dog Sniffing Plush Training Toy

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