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Floppy Fish Cat Plushie


Look! A fish out of the water!

Keep your cat active with this Floppy Fish Cat Plushie! It looks and acts like a real live fish. It stops when your cat is not playing with it and starts flopping around once it detects that your furbaby wants some playtime.

  • More interesting than yarn balls
    Invigorate your feline's adorable chasing senses with this fish and make them move to keep them healthy and on top of their reflexes!

  • Playmate substitute
    Bring the plushie out for the times when you get caught up with work and you can’t play with them. It distracts them and it’s a good stress reliever, too especially when you put some catnip on the pocket.

  • Best friend for all their 9 lives!
    No matter how much they pounce, lunge, and wrestle with it, the Floppy Fish Plushie will keep its shape and live as long as your furbaby. Simply recharge using the built-in USB charger when it stops flopping.


  • Size: approx 30cm
  • Component: PP

Moving cat fish toy Flopping cat toy


  • 1 x Flopping Fish Cat Plushie

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