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AquaCare Fish Breeding Isolation Box

Need a breeding area for your pet fish? Breed healthy and better quality young fishes with this new AquaCare Fish Breeding Isolation Box.

It is a transparent and multifunctional isolation box that is conveniently attachable anywhere in the aquarium for fish hatching and breeding. Exquisitely designed, compact and made especially for pet fish farming.

  • Convenient Place for Fish Farming: The box is intended to be a good hatching area for your pet fishes. There are slits on both sides to ensure good water flow. For safety reasons, there is just 1mm gap to ensure that the fishes are absolutely confined within their breeding area.  
  • Prime Quality Fish Breeder Box: Made from high-quality and transparent acrylic material allowing anyone to observe fish behavior during breeding time. 
    It has a unique transparent floating cover that prevents the fish from coming out of the isolation area. Keep the newborns protected and increase the survival rate. 

  • Suitable Hatchery for Viviparous FishesConsidering the design, its compactness, good water flow, and guaranteed security for the newborns this AquaCare Fish Breeding Isolation Box is the best breeder box. With proven security and convenience for young fishes, this isolation box is a good breeding place for bettas, guppies, medaka, and more. Here, the newborns are protected from the attack of the old fishes. 

Product Details

Components: Acrylic

Weight:0.4 kg

Size: 13 x 7 x 10cm

Package Include

1 x pc.AquaCare Fish Breeding Isolation Box

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