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PlantCare+ 4 In 1 Digital Health Meter

Do you own gardening plants and you want to know the exact status of your plants' health environment? Here is exactly what you need! 

This PlantCare+ 4 In 1 Digital Health Metercan easily detect your plants moisture, ph value, temperature and sunlight intensity. Monitor your plants’ health. Make them live stronger, healthier and achieve the growth that you've been looking for.

    • Plants Environment Monitor Device: The ultimate digital plant environment status checker that will easily help to detect your plants growth. Eliminate any hassle when maintaining their healthy growth. The healthier plants, the better your whole garden will be!
    • Digital LCD Screen: No need to analyze your plant status! It will easily pop-up on the LCD screen and will allow you to read it immediately in just seconds. Make your monitoring fast and multi check your other plants' status.
    • Energy Saving Checker: This PlantCare+ 4 In 1 Digital Health Meter has a 9V battery inside and will automatically shut down when you don’t use it for 5 minutes. Long-lasting battery that you can use repeatedly anytime you need.
    • Great for Indoor and Outdoor Plants: Know the status of your plants and don't let them die just because of poor maintenance. Check anytime for your indoor and outdoor plants and flowers. Water your plants if necessary, change the ph or cover your plants against the serious daylight.

Product Details:`

Components: Plastic

Working temperature: + 5 ° C ~ + 40 ° C

Weight: 200g

Size: 340mm x 63mm x 36mm

Probe length: 200mm

Power: 9V Battery

Package Include: 

1 x PlantCare+ 4 In 1 Digital Sunlight Meter

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