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WoodBlockers Advanced 3D Push Block

Trim and cut wood pieces safely

Trim and cut wood pieces safely with our WoodBlockers Advanced 3D Push Block. It helps you do your woodworking trimming, sawing and cutting in a much stable, controlled, and safer operation with high precision and without the kickbacks.  



  • Work safer and smarter. WoodBlockers Advanced 3D Push Block offers the highest safety for woodworking operation with precision and control especially when working on a table saw. It also allows you to cut your pieces into 1/4" thin materials with smooth results. 
  • Eliminate kickbacks during cutting. Using a push block eliminates the kickbacks by allowing you to fully control and maintain the wood pieces in place and down on the table top as you feed. Designed with a powerful gripping system to provide a stable grip both on the wood surface and the handle. 
  • Your safety is a priority.Cutting, trimming and resawing wood pieces using 3D Push Block makes it easier to adjust for your cutting needs. It has a stabilizer that locks and wood guards in place for a steady and fixed level of feeding. You can cut as thin as 1/4 inch while keeping your hands safe. 
  • Cut thin or thick pieces. Cut larger materials or cut thinly while keeping a good grip and control. Cut as close to the fence and pushdown in fixed level without kickbacks. It’s also great to use on routers, band saw, jointers and more. It’s the most versatile woodworking assist you can have.

Product Details:

Components: ABS
Product Size: 8 x 5.5 x 4.65 inches
Product weight: 2.35 pounds
Color: Yellow

Package Included: 

1 x WoodBlockers Advanced 3D Push Block

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