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BabyBest Shoulder Carrier

 Give your child a great view of the world!

Carrying your kids promotes a wonderful bond between you and your little ones and is indeed beneficial to their development and well-being. This BabyBest Shoulder Carrierallows you to bring your child on your shoulder while walking or traveling on the road. Providing hands-free comfort for both of you. But don’t just carry them, give your child a great view of the world, from the safety of your shoulders. This is the ultimate kid’s carrier for an active modern lifestyle.


  • Carry Your Child Safely: The carrier attaches on top of your shoulders and around your chest. It has a pair of ankle handcuffs along with a dual safety system to fully secure your child during your visit to the zoo, amusement parks, or while on a hike. This will give you a free hand to talk on the phone, hold a bag, or walk the dogs. 


  • Comfortable for your Child: Let your child sit in comfort with its high-quality material. Complete with an industrial Velcro and adjustable buckles to secure your child to the carrier. Whether you’re taking your kid for a walk or going for a trail, this child carrier will make your day out comfortable as well as safe.


  • No More Shoulder or Back Pain:Built in such a way that it shares the load and easily supports you and your baby. It reduces the pressure that is placed in the hands of the person carrying it. The strap and fabric integrated into this carrier also spreads your baby’s weight properly.


  • Set-up with Ease: All adjustable for a comfortable and snug fit. Just simply attach the foam saddle to the chest strap. Next is wrap around the chest strap and Velcro it in before placing the saddle over your shoulders. Finally, position your child in the saddle and loop the support straps around his legs and Velcro it in. Continue your active lifestyle along with taking care of your kid with this highly durable BabyBest Shoulder Carrier.

Product Details:

Components: Polyester + Cotton
Size: Belt suitable for bust 78-131 cm
Color: Orange + Gray
Load bearing capacity: 20 kg

Package Includes:

1 x BabyBest Shoulder Carrier

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