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Car Door Window Mesh Sunshade


360° car window sun coverage


  • 360° window coverage(inside and outside your car!)
  • Keeps your car’s interior protected from the glaring sun
  • Reduces the temperatureinside the car on hot, sunny days
  • Prevents discoloration of leather seats
  • Mesh material to keep car cool and ventilated
  • Sun protection even when windows are rolled down 
  • Keeps bugs, leaves, and debris from getting inside the car
  • Can be used when driving or parked
  • No need to uninstall when opening car window or car door
  • Can be used for at least 5-10 years
  • Won’t damage car paint and interior
  • Fits all cars with window frames (sedans, SUVs, trucks, etc.)
  • Won’t block your view of the rear view mirror
  • Easy to install with stretchable material
  • Strong velcro straps keeps sun shade in place

This easy-to-install Car Door Window Mesh Sunshade blocks the sun keeps your car cool and well ventilated, while still giving you a clear outside view. Perfect when you have kids and babies on board! No need to use ugly vinyl or sunshades that won’t stick on your windows to keep you and your passengers comfortable when you’re out on a drive! Furthermore, you will not stress over bugs, leaves, and garbage flying into your vehicle when your windows are moved down.  

2 Pieces Black Sunshade Curtain - Alixashop


  1. Open your car door
  2. Slip the mesh over the frame of the door
  3. Stretch and secure with the velcro straps

Note: Front car door window mesh sunshades come with a rearview mirror hole/slot


Components: Anti UV stretchable mesh

Front car window mesh sunshade dimensions: 120 cm x 55 cm x 60 cm

Rear car window mesh sunshade dimensions:

110cm x 51cm x 39cm (stretches up to 80 cm)

120cm x 51cm x 46cm (stretches up to 95 cm)



1 pair Car Door Window Mesh Sunshade

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