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CarryUrCard Wallet Phone Case


Manufacturers have been creating products that are smaller and smaller to better fit into our busy, on-the-go lives.

Combine your gear in this phone case plus wallet by using this CarryUrCard Wallet Phone Case! Keep your cards handy and your phone scratch-free with no more hassle and no more chances to lose important items. Truly merging a phone and wallet is ideal for those who want to travel light without toting around a bulky wallet.

Hybrid 2-in-1 Wallet: Conveniently hold your cards, cash, and IDs in one place just by pulling the dust plug. Made up of hybrid soft rubber and hard plastic that protects your items from sudden fall, scratch, bump, and other damage. Not to mention it also has an added layer of protection to your phone in case you drop it.

Ingenious Cutout Design: Aside from cards, it also has a built-in slot for stashing a spare SIM card and reset pin. It has a precise charging cutout that fits the volume buttons, side buttons, and curves of your smartphone. Bulk-free and still gives you full access to ports, speakers, cameras, and other parts. 

Lightweight and Pocket-Friendly: This concept into one product is a great choice for those who are always on the go. This flexible shock-resistant case not only protects your phone but secretly hides a card tray to securely hold your cards. Simply push the cover in a downward motion to unlock and reveal the hidden card tray within. This wallet phone case is lightweight, practical, pocket-friendly, and loaded with convenience. 

Universal Compatibility: This fits most Apple smartphone models including iPhone 11 6.1, 11 Pro 5.8, 11 Pro Max 6.5P, iPhone X Xs, iPhone Xr, and Xs Max 6.5. Switch your phone case into a modular wallet with storage for cards, a SIM card, a reset pin, and extra cash.


Product Details:

Components: Rubber, Plastic

Color: Black

Compatibility: iPhone 11 6.1 / 11 Pro 5.8 / 11 Pro Max 6.5 / iPhone X Xs / iPhone Xr / Xs Max 6.5

Package Includes:

1 x CarryUrCard Wallet Phone Case

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