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ColdRelief Electric Foot Warmer


Keep feet warm and comfortable anytime


Cold and trembling feet because of freezing weather? You can now keep your feet warm and comfortable all day and night long during the winter season with this ColdRelief Electric Foot Warmer! It surrounds the foot for a complete warmth and comfortable feeling.


♨️Ergonomically Designed Warmer: Made in resemblance of an enlarged shoes/slipper. It is equipped with a heating device strategically placed between fabric layers to give a warm feeling to your feet. Crafted using a thickened soft material combined with a soft and warm cushion that firmly covers the feet to give a soothing warm and cozy feeling.

🦶Fast Heating Ability: The heating pad heats up quickly and dissipates evenly. It can heat in seconds to provide an unmatched comfort and warmth. Relieve your suffering from extreme coldness or aching muscles. Use this warmer to pamper and relieve cold/tired feet.

♨️Use it Any Way You Want: Great to use while watching tv, at the office, camping, after a long run or workout and after a cold day outside. Keeps the feet warm at night, soothes painful feet, melts away tension, warms up cold feet, eases arthritis pain and many more. Use in whichever way you want, either sitting or lying down resting on your bed. 

🦶Small and Portable: Just as big as your two feet combined, this foot warmer can be easily carried anywhere you need it. It can be carried to office, travel or practically anywhere for you to use and get relieved. Friends and family members would be delighted to receive this foot warmer as a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, birthday, Valentines Day and more.  

♨️How to Clean your foot warmer: Firstly, Detach the heating pad then proceed on washing the foot warmer just like you are cleaning your clothes. Keep if totally dry before reattaching the heating pad.  

Product Details:

Power: 5W
Voltage: 5V
Weight: 400g
Plug Options: AU, UK, EU                                                                                      Components: Thick wool fabric
Size:38 x 38 x 13cm
Color Option: Gray, Coffee, Youyou Monkey

Package Include:

1 x ColdRelief Electric Foot Warmer

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