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Cutlery Kitchen Drawer Organizer


Maximize kitchen drawer space

Our Cutlery Kitchen Drawer Organizer is uniquely designed to safely and efficiently organize knives, spoons and forks. Make more space in your kitchen cabinet and put together your cutlery and silverwares in individual stack compartments. 


  • Maximize drawer space. Store a full set of forks and spoon up to 24 pieces in its 5 separate compartments. Store and organize your silverware and cutlery in an angle that is accessible but without taking so much space. 
  • Safe storage for knives. Safely store up to 9 pieces of knives. Cutlery Kitchen Drawer Organizer comes in 2 tiers of knife organizer - top tier for small knives and the bottom tier for bigger knives. Organized, safe and easily accessible.
  • Arrange them in one space. Save a lot of space in your drawers. Using the kitchen drawer organizer, you can combine your silverwares all in one space. It fits drawers of up to 3.25 inches in height. Our Cutlery Kitchen Drawer Organizer is 39.5 cm x 11 cm x 5.5 cm for spoon & forks & 39.5 cm x 13.7 cm x 7.3 cm for knives. You can fit at least 2 of them in one drawer.
  • No more confusing set up. Organize them by category and pull out only what you need. Each tier and compartment comes with an identification icon so you’ll know where to put what. No more rummaging of the entire drawer. No more mix up of utensils. 

Product Details:

Components: Food grade PP
Product Size: Spoon and fork - 39.5 cm x 11 cm x 5.5 cm, Knife - 39.5 cm x 13.7 cm x 7.3 cm
Product weight: 850g
Color: Gray, Green

Package Included:

1 x Cutlery Kitchen Drawer Organizer

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