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Do Or Drink Party Card Game

Here's to UNboring parties!


  • Thick and glossy coated cards
  • Unlimited fun
  • Designed for ages 21 up
  • 350 cards

The Do Or Drink Game adds a twist to the truth or dare classic. With simple mechanics, everyone can play this game even when you’re all more-than-tipsy! Prepare for an amazing night of drinking when you bring out these cards the next time you get together with your friends!


  1. Separate black and white cards
  2. Each turn starts by drawing a white card
  3. Read it aloud and do what it says
  4. If a “draw” card is picked up, the player must draw a black card
  5. Once a black card is drawn, the player MUST complete the challenges
  • Each challenge completed will be awarded points, the more points you get the higher chances of winning you get. The prize? Hours and hours of fun plus what you and your friends talk about -- 10 rounds on the loser?


Card dimensions: 13cm x 13cm x 6cm



1 x Deck Do Or Drink Party Card Game

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