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Drywall Corner Eraser Trowel


Our Drywall Corner Eraser Trowel is made of anti-adhesive Italian stainless steel 90-degree bend blade for complete and balanced coverage of edges, corners and hard to reach gaps. Great for plastering drywalls, tiling and skimming. Shape concrete and plasters on drywalls and give every corner a smooth finish. 


  • Smoothly shaped and covered corners.  Our Drywall Corner Eraser Trowel is intended for multi finish applications. Mortar dividers, cover tile grout, skim coat dividers on square corners, and difficult to reach margins. 
  • No stickers on the blade. Designed with side to side 90-degree bend blades for complete coverage of gaps and square corners. Cover twice as much area in one application. Apply smoothly on walls without leaving stickers on the blade. Made from anti- adhesive Italian stainless steel for a sharp easy smooth finish. 
Mintiml Corner Eraser – Lolovee
  • Comfortable grip for long hours of work.Finish faster with flawless results. The comfortable anti-slip rubber padded grip ensures exceptional comfort during use. More results, less aches in a shorter time. 
  • Less sanding work needed.Smooth finish to hard to reach areas means less sanding work needed. It significantly reduces labor time with guaranteed better results. Use it for applying plasters on walls, grout coverage in tiling or skimming. 


  • Components: Stainless Steel, Rubber
  • Product Weight: 200G
  • Product Size: 60mm X 80mm


  • 1 x Drywall Corner Eraser Trowel

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