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EZDesign Heat Transfer Paper

Wear and be proud of your own creation


Tired of the usual shirt designs you wear every day or the clothing design you want isn’t available in the market?  Customize your shirts and other clothing with your own designs and logo printed using thisEZDesign Heat Transfer Paper. Create your own fashion statement! It’s simple, fun and very easy to make.




  • Fast and Easy Image Transfer: Transfer text and images onto fabrics material like t-shirts, pillow cases, hoodies, and any other cotton or polycotton fabrics.An easy and simple job that can be done even by beginners and for people with little or no background on textile painting and design transferring.

  • High-Quality Transfer Paper: Uniquely formulated transfer paper is the best paper for heat transfer. This is made of high-quality material that is durable and cannot be torn easily. It assures a perfect transfer of image beautifully and easily.

  • Machine Compatibility: Since this process needs printing, it is important that the printer accepts the kind of paper to be used. This EZDesign Heat Transfer Paper is compatible with all inkjet printers using normal regular ink.Make your own fashion statements, the easy way!


Instruction how to transfer print using the inkjet printer:

  • Set up the printer to  "photo quality inkjet paper" model for best picture quality printing effect.
  • Select the color of the print design, size, please set up a mirror to print, print the pattern on the thermal transfer paper. The correct use of the face (print). Our transfer paper on ink does not have any requirements, you can use any brand. The ordinary dye ink, pigment ink, etc. But with pyrograph ink (paint ink), best can be waterproof.
  • Press the “Print” button to print the image
  • After printing, wait for the image to dry, then cut out the image, you need to design around edges with at least 0.2 inches.


Instruction on how to transfer images to fabric through Heat stamping 

  • Placed on the thermal transfer paper print on the fabric and face down to the position of hot stamping.
  • Set the transfer temperature about 180 degrees, stamping time to 25 seconds 
  • Iron to transfer design - Slow down, when hot stamping to iron to every corner and edge

Product Details:


Color: White

Components: Heat Transfer Paper

Size: A4

Package Include:

1 x EZDesign Heat Transfer Paper

       (10 pcs. / 20 pcs. / 30pcs. / 40 pcs. / 50 pcs. / 100 pcs.)

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