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FanFix Grinch Stole Christmas Burlap Wreath

Someone is trying to steal your Christmas!

Decorate your home with this unique FanFix Grinch Stole Christmas Burlap Wreath. This clever movie-inspired theme makes your stylistic themes with its accents of red and white sparkle and posable extravagant legs! Get everyone’s attention when they pass by your house. 


  • Amusing Christmas decor. This FanFix Grinch Stole Christmas Burlap Wreath gives a fun vibe to your holidays! It’s not Santa Claus, it’s The Grinch is up to no-good and stealing your Christmas! Opt for a non-traditional Christmas decor and add a spice of humor on your Christmas.  
  • A great addition to your Christmas decor. Make Christmas merrier and more festive. Great for a themed Christmas decor. Made of Santa’s sack of burlap ribbons and Place it on your front door, window, fireplace, wall and anywhere else. It’s a fun addition to your Christmas preparations and decors. 

  • Use it year after year. You can always take this out during Christmas and holiday season year after year. Don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas! Durable, washable and easy to store. 

Product Details:

Components: Plush, cotton ,felt cloth and wire coil
product Size: 24" x 24"

Package Included:

1 x How the Grinch Stole Christmas Burlap Wreath

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