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FarmAntz Educational Luminous 3D Ant Habitat


Feed and observe the life of ants making their 3D tunnels

Feed and observe the life of ants making their 3D tunnels. FarmAntz Educational Luminous 3D Ant Habitat is your ant castle made of bright blue, space-age gel that glows! The LED lights and luminous gel shows the intricate tunnels in 3D. Great for kids’ STEM learning and projects. 



  • Fun STEM learning tool project. Designed for easy feeding while keeping ants safely contained. This provides live learning visuals of the ant’s life. Introduce the world of insects and ants’ natural habitat in a creative, fun and fascinating way. 
  • Fully observable ant habitat.  Farm ants or use it as a teaching project for science and biology. The luminous gel shows in 3D effect the intricate tunnels. 6 color LED lights to luminate the habitat even in the dark for increased and impressive visibility. Keep 15 to 20 ants safely in the 10cm x 11cm frame. Made from clear 4mm acrylic material and luminous gel for 360 degrees view. 
  • Great home learning activity. Ant farming provides a great source of entertainment and learning about science, biology and nature for kids. Suitable for kids 7 years old and above. Keep your child entertained, engaged and learning while at home. 

Product Details:

Components: acrylic, gel 
Product Size: 10cm x 11cm
Product Weight: 1.6 pounds
Color: blue, green, yellow, pink, purple

Package Included:

1 x set of Ant Home
1 x set of night light
2 x  pipes on both sides
1 x  set of tools
1 x Plant 1 serving
1 x instruction manual

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