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FitCutz 45° Tile Chamfering Machine Desktop

Accurately cut tiles in angles and sizes you need with FitCutz 45° Tile Chamfering Machine Desktop!

It’s a time-saving, labor-saving and efficient way of cutting and chamfering. Cut chamfer smoothly and as close as range of 0-5mm using 45° Tile Chamfering Machine Desktop. Cut at various angles including 45 degrees, opposite, begonia, corner, standard bevel,diagonal, and other angles.


  • Smooth and stable cutting.Flat surface, smooth,  easy to locate and does not easily break or crack. Made for heavy duty cutting. Made from aluminum alloy and can take consistent and loads of tile chamfering without decreasing in output quality. 

  • Accurately cut in angles you need. 45° Tile Chamfering Machine Desktop allows you to cut in 45 degrees, in diagonal or corners. It holds the tile firmly in place which makes it easier for you to adjust and tilt the tray before cutting. It’s fast, accurate and makes template cutting easier. No need for calculations. 

  • Cut different materials. Cut your accent tiles, find the right angle, duplicate the template. It’s so easy with FitCutz 45° Tile Chamfering Machine DesktopYou can also use it to cut and glass bricks, stones, ceramics and glazed tiles from 0-5mm range. The bottom plate does not exceed 18cm. 

Product Details:

Components: aluminum alloy
Product Size: 25×17cm


Package Included:

1 × tile chamfering machine

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