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FogSafe Reusable Glass & Lens Wipe

Are you having trouble driving during cold weather and suddenly it gets sunny that your windshield gets foggy? Or your eyeglasses when wearing a mask, your mobile screen or your car side mirror?

Don’t get frustrated, we have a solution for your problem. Now, we offer you the complete solution for your foggy belongings. Simply wipe on your windshield, mirror, eyeglasses, mobile screen, LCD TV screens, tablet screen or camera lens and more with thisFogSafe Reusable Glass & Lens Wipe! It will completely get rid of your fog problem and will give you clear and sparkling cleanness. 

  • High-Quality Cleaning Cloth: Super fine,soft and durable cleaning cloth that is made of microfiber. It does not cause any damage to the surface of any lens or glass.It has a special anti-fog molecule, which can offer your eyeglasses a clear vision with just a few wipes. Prevent water and moisture from gathering on your mirror or glasses for a clearer vision.
  • Great Outdoor Cleaning Cloth: This is great glass cleaning material when you are going for cycling, racing, swimming, riding, diving, skipping, surfing or any other indoor or outdoor activities. Clean and remove paints, dust, dirts and scratches from your gadget’s screen and free them from fingerprint or fogging, too. 
  • Long Hours of Cleaning Effect: ThisFogSafe Reusable Glass & Lens Wipe isreusable up to 200 times and doesn’t need any washing at all with its 12 hours cleaning effect. Get rid of fingerprints, dust, dirt and scratches!

Product Details:

Components: Anti-fog Glasses Cloth

Size: 14.5 x 14.5cm

Package Included

1 x packFogSafe Reusable Glass & Lens Wipe

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