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Forever Makeup Brush Cleaner

Assure clean and smooth makeup application by cleaning your brushes with Forever Makeup Brush Cleaner.  Quick and easy and suitable for most types and brush sizes.  It’s your makeup brush washing machine and dryer for hassle-free cleaning. Clean brushes apply makeup better and are safer to use. 

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer in 2020 | Makeup brush ...

  • Keeps your skin clean and healthy.
    Bacteria, stains, oils, dead skin cells and makeup residue causes clogged pores and can lead to skin problems. Avoid this by cleaning your brushes on a regular basis.
  • It only takes 30 seconds.
    In just 30 seconds your brush is dirt-free, safe and ready to use. Deep clean and dry your brushes using spin technology in 360 degrees at 12,000/21,000 revolutions per minute. 
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  • Fits 95% of market brushes.
    Forever Makeup Brush Cleaner can fit any brush. It comes with 8 silicone collar sizes from 3mm up to 30mm. It cleans faster than your conventional cleaning method and leaves without damaging their shape and bristles.
  • Quick cleaning steps.
    Battery operated spindle and a detachable plastic bowl works like a brush washing machine and dryer. It’s basically dip and spin to wash and dip and spin to dry.
  • A makeup essential.
    Keep your brushes in pristine and top condition by cleaning them on a regular basis. Clean brushes equates as safe, hygienic and applies better.

Product Details

  • Sizes: 3mm - 30mm
  • Components: Silicone
  • Color: Black

Package Include

  • 1 x Makeup Brush Spinner
  • 1 x Makeup Brush Spinner Bowl
  • 8 x Makeup Brush Caps

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