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FunHits Golf Club Phone Holder Clip

Record, replay and review every game with this FunHits Golf Club Phone Holder Clip!

FunHits Golf Club Phone Holder Clip is a great device to add on your training. It’s a mobile phone holder that you can clip on your golf club easily. It helps you keep track and review your swing, wrist movements, aim and shot. Get better feedback on your alignment and game play.  Record your golf swing and capture every moment of your game. Seeing yourself in action helps you improve quickly and correct your bad habits. 


⛳Record and replay your every game. Using FunHits Golf Club Phone Holder Clip helps you review and find your bad habits to improve. Record and capture your every move during a play and get immediate feedback.  It’s super easy to attach and set up and universally fits any mobile phone size. 

⛳Hold your phone in place during swings.Made of ABS material and designed with expandable cellphone holders and rubber grips to keep the phone in place during swing movements. It holds your phone in a stable manner letting you capture moments without shaking. 

⛳Set up and get proper angles. Find the right angle and mount it on your golf club, alignment stick, flag stick or even your golf bag. You can also mount it on the shaft and adjust it on your shooting angle. Mountable on all types of golf clubs and golf bags. 

Product Details:

Color: black                                                                                                       Components: ABS Plastic
Product Size: 6.6 x 5 x 11 cm
Product Weight: 80g

Package Included:

1 x Golf Club Phone Holder Clip

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