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GRTX Universal Clip On Oil Funnel

Hands-free oil transfer operation

Transfer automotive oil securely and spill-free using GRTX Universal Clip On Oil Funnel! This clip on the funnel is designed with a transparent connecting tube that makes oil refilling easier and more convenient. Universally compatible with most car brands including GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Pontiac and Chrysler vehicles. 



  • Spill-free and leak-free oil filling tool.  GRTX Universal Clip On Oil Funnel eliminates any mess and spillage while transferring oil. It comes with a plier type clamp and a funnel fixing ring that holds the funnel in place so allow you hands-free operation.  No more spills when working on your vehicle’s engines and oil tanks. Designed with a practical and universal size to fit any engine openings. 
  • Transfer all types of automotive oil with ease. Easy to clean and easy to assemble. Transfer a wide range of vehicle oil into your engines using one funnel. Made of chemical-resistant materials, it’s a multipurpose tool for refilling fuel, kerosene, gasoline, coolant and engine oil.  
  • Hands-free oil transfer operation.  Designed with a combination set of  transparent tube funnel, oil filter and a clamp for a leak-free and hands-free operation. Every part is detachable so you can assemble and connect directly to the oil tank. You’re free to use both of your hands for refuelling and transferring oil. 
  • Compact and convenient automobile tool. Detachable, compact, lightweight and portable which makes it a great essential tool to keep in your trunk. Spill-free, leak-free and compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Made from corrosion resistant, oil resistant and chemical-resistant durable plastic. Funnel diameter is 12.5cm and has a transparent tube so you can easily check on your oil levels. 

Product Details:

Components: Plastic 
Product Size: 12.5cm funnel diameter
Color: red

Package Included:

1 x funnel
1 x plier clamp

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