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HomeExpert Multipurpose Dryer & Heater


As the seasons change, you can definitely detect a nip in the air.

During this cold or rainy weather, having a dryer heater can make your life far more comfortable. For your wet shoes, clothes, pet, and even for heating up your bed,HomeExpert Multipurpose Dryer & Heatercan guarantee to turn your place into a cozy one. No more musky smelling and damp household items!


  • All-A-Round Use: This will help you quickly dry and disinfect shoes, clothes, pets, and warm your quilts before you go to bed. Utilizing all these without properly drying will cause mold spores, pet dander, odors, bacteria, and viruses everywhere.


  • Dual Mode Switching: This variable setting gives you more control so you don’t need to buy two separate machines. It has easy to operate cold and hot variable frequency wind, strong power motor, and durable constant temperature. 


  • Built-in Thermal Protector: For your security, this dryer is developed with an implicit overheat defender. It is additionally finished with an insightful temperature regulator, programmed power off, and preset breeze temperature monitoring at any time.


  • Flexible Hose: You will never have regrets having HomeExpert Multipurpose Dryer & Heater for sure. With a telescopic hose, it can be stretched freely as per your need which is very convenient. Plus it has a removable hose for easy cleaning. 

Product Details:


Colors: Gold, Purple, Blue

Power: 800W

Voltage: 220V

Cable Length: 1.8m

Plug Type: EU

Housing Components: ABS

Size: 15.5 x 45 x 6 cm

Weight: 810g

Package Includes:

HomeExpert Multipurpose Dryer & Heater

1 x Monitor

1 x Power Cord

1 x Display Base

1 x VGA Cable

1 x Manual

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