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HomeFix Adjustable Cable Clips Stickers


Organizing messy wires at home


Easily organize your home wires, cables, cords and get things less cluttered with The HomeFix Adjustable Cable Clips Stickers! These are cable clip organizers that attach smoothly on any surface and keep the lines firmly in place. Perfect to use at home, in cars and in office settings. 


  • Stick-on wire organizer. Self-adhesive and very easy to use. You can arrange your data lines and wires and stick them on the surface. Simply peel it off and place it to your preferred area. Stick it on the wall, desk, floor, dashboard and more. Strong adhesive can firmly stick on any surfaces including wall, plastic, wood, glass, metal, rubber and others. 
  • No more unsightly wires.  Free your space from the messy and annoying bundles of wires. Keep your space clean and tidy.  HomeFix Adjustable Cable Clips Stickers fits most wires and cable sizes. It’s 30x10x 7mm so it can stick even in small corners and cramped areas. 
  • Organize all lines and wires.This stick-on wire clamp is multipurpose; you can use it to organize wires, data lines, USB, chargers, cables and cords anywhere in your house including home office, kitchen, living room, garage and work spaces. 

Product Details:

Components: ABS, 3M
Product Size: 30x10x 7mm
Package Weight: 58g

Package Included:

1 x Pack Adjustable Cable zClips Stickers (20/60/100 pcs)

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