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HomeTex Adjustable Stainless Steel Jar Openers


HomeTex Adjustable Stainless Steel Jar Openers is your practical kitchen tool designed with a humanized handle that is smooth and comfortable to use. It has uniformed gear bites that hold on to the cap securely and prevents slipping. Easily open all sizes of tight caps with a simple twist and save your time and efforts.

  • Easier way to open lids. This kitchen tool is designed with adjustable lid opener, uniformed gear bites, anti slip groove and press handle. You can open from a small bottle cap to big mason jar lids. Caps, cans, covers are now easier to open with less effort using HomeTex Adjustable Stainless Steel Jar Openers. 
  • Practical kitchen tool. Open covers as small as 0.5cm up to 11.5 cm of lids. The adjustable clamp and press handle allows you to adjust and fit any lid diameter. You only need this tool to open all kinds of bottles, jars and cans. 
  • Works like your hands.Stronger and stable lid grip. Works just like how your hands would open a lid - adjust the buckle to fit the size of the cap. Clamp, turn the handle counterclockwise until the cap is unlocked. Easy peasy!

Product Details:
  • Components: Stainless steel
  • Product Size: 19cmx3cm
  • Product Weight: 116g
  • Color: silver

Package Included:
  • 1 x Adjustable Stainless Steel Jar Openers

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