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JYG Guitar Sound Hole Humidifier


Releases moisture inside your guitar

Protect your guitar even in dry conditions with JYG Guitar Sound Hole Humidifier. Simply hang it inside the hole, yet it never touches the body of the instrument. It releases the moisture smoothly and evenly. Keep your guitar excellently humidified so you can play it in its best condition. 



  • Releases moisture inside your guitar. It effectively relieves the dryness of your guitar to ensure it plays and looks the best!


  • Protect your guitar.This holds a lot of water and has anti-drip properties, which means even if you can’t monitor it properly, your instrument is still being taken care of. 


  • Easy to monitor. You can simply pop the top and touch the humidifier. If it's wet, you can leave it. If it's dry, then you can rehydrate it again.

Product Details:

Color: Black, White, Silver, Gray                                                           Components: ABS Plastic
Product Size: 39cm x 39cm x 44.5cm
Product Weight: 30 g per piece

Package Included:

1 x JYG Guitar Sound Hole Humidifier

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