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Key & Wallet Finder - Smart Locator

Tired of losing your keys, wallet or phone, huh? Make the misplacement of your belongings a thing of the past with Key & Wallet Finder - Smart Locator! It's a Bluetooth gadget that can be connected to any essential object and locate it within seconds.With the aid of the Key & Wallet - Smart Locator, it's easy to find your missing products while you're in the Bluetooth range and if the Tile is out of sight (about 75 feet without obstruction), your phone and Tile will be on.
Cell phone converted into an anti-loss alarm - Interconnect with APP mobile phone via an anti-loss system to track the location of objects in real time to prevent objects from being lost or to locate items in time.
Reverse call, quick to find your cell phone - Where did you forget to place your phone? Click the main tracking device twice to make a phone call and recover it quickly.
Disconnection alert, two-way anti-loss alert - When the anti-loss system and mobile phone are greater than the secure connection gap, the two-way call alarm will remind you to check your belongings in time.
Key & Wallet - Smart Locator, Secure and Anti-Lost - Open the Key & Wallet - Smart Locator in disconnected mode to view the recently disconnected location of the anti-lost computer and cell phone, so that objects can be monitored.
When you get out, you still forget where the key is - One-click scan, anti-lost and anti-forget, quick process, easy to retrieve.
There is no GPS for the product, you need to download the APP to record the current position.

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