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LRAAL Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Pencil Caddy

Light Gray

Keep your desk clutter-free. Organize your office and school supplies on your walls.

No more losing of the pen, cables, mobile phone and more. Locate everything you need in one space. Place every item in a different LRAAL Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Pencil Caddy for easy access. Maximize your space by using the wall for your floating shelf.  

  • Wall mounted floating caddy.Reorganize your desktop and workspace. Free-up some desktop space by maximizing the wall. LRAAL Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Pencil Caddy is your floating caddy designed with different sizes of pocket caddy to hold different items. Space-saving, wall mounted design to keep your home clutter-free. 
  • No installation and screw needed. Completely self-adhesive. Simple peel-off cover and mount it on your wall. No screws, no drilling needed. Just place it on your wall and start organizing your things. Made of PP material, it’s nontoxic, sturdy and durable. 21.5cm x 5cm in size and can hold items like pencils, keys, remote, mobile phone and cables. 
  • Maximize your home’s space. Limited desk space for all your work and study supplies? Create more shelf space by using a floating caddy. Neat, easy to install and gives your workspace a modern yet functional look. Place it on your wall, side table, cabinet, or behind the door space. 

Product Details:


Product Weight: 270g

Color: white, light gray, 

Components: PP

Product Size: 21.5cm x 5cm

Package Included:

1 x Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Pencil Caddy

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