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Mermaid Hair Coloring Shampoo


Apply Mermaid Hair Coloring Shampooto achieve bright and colorful mermaid hair without the hassle and with ease. Just wash your hair and use it as a regular shampoo and get colored hair in a snap. Safe, non-bleach and non-toxic. 

  • No bleach hair dye.
    Color hair without the need for bleaching. Made from natural ingredients. It’s ammonia-free, non-toxic, and free from harmful synthetic chemicals that can damage the hair and scalp.
  • Beautiful hair transformation.
    Transform your hair in beautiful color without leaving any damage. It’s a hair dye that promotes hair growth, repairs damage, and moisturizes the scalp.
  • Use it like any other shampoo.
    Wet hair and apply Mermaid Hair Coloring Shampoo. Wait for 15-20 minutes and rinse. It’s a shampoo, color and conditioner in one so you get beautiful colored hair that is soft and smooth to touch.
  • Vibrant and long-lasting.
    Achieve vibrant hair color that doesn’t fade easily. The hair dye leaves an intense color that lasts for days.
  • Unique look for yourself.
    Change your looks and catch people’s attention. It’s a great temporary beauty solution to hair change for themed parties, Halloween and cosplay costumes, or just a change of hairstyle.

Product Details

  • Size: 100ml
  • Components: hair color dye
  • Color: Grey, Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Gold, Light Brown, Chestnut, Brown, Pink

Package includes

  • 1 x Mermaid Hair Coloring Shampoo

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