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Motion Controlled UFO Drone Toy


Motion Sensing UFO Drone Toy

Provide your kids and family tons of fun and excitement this holiday season. Give them this very special and enjoyable play drone toy, theMotionControlled UFO Drone Toy. You would love to see your kids laugh with giggle and enjoyment in playing this fantastic play drone.


  • Super Light Prime Components: Made of incredibly light plastic material that made it super easy to float on air. This is battery-operated and to recharge, use a standard USB charger for 40 – 60 minutes for a fully charged battery. It does not require any remote control device. Just a plain gesture of the hand will do. 

  • Fantastic Design and BuiltComes in awesome bright light making it easily visible at night. Made and designed as a UFO drone, it has a built-in gyroscope and 4 powerful motors capable of360° flight rotation and can hover easily in mid-air. With 2 speed modes to choose from, forappropriate flying speed and relative space for maneuvering. 

  • Safe Play Components:This flying UFO drone is non-toxic, and will not cause harm to your kids. Its rounded body is designed to improve the resistance of crashing; 100% safe with grid-like protective shells to prevent kids from putting their fingers into the drone.

  • Easy use and control: Simply toss it in the air and watch it fly. Intelligent as it looks, it uses infrared sensor technology in detecting objects and obstacles to avoid collision and crashing into walls, furniture, or any hard object that blocks its way. When done, catch and flip it to turn off.

  • Great for Family Bonding: A great toy too to play outside your home and establish camaraderie among family members. This play material is usable both for indoor and outdoor enjoyment: An incredible toy to keep your children inside the home playing yet maintain an equally light and happy mode during rainy days.
  • Perfect Gift for Holiday Season: This great little toy brings great fun and happiness to people of all ages. Give your kids this beautiful and interesting Motion Controlled UFO Drone Toy on Christmas, birthday, graduation day, and other special occasions. Your kids and friends would definitely love receiving this beautiful toy from you. 

Product Details:

Components: ABS

Color Option: Blue, Red

Size:10.9 x 10.9 x 0.76cm

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