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MrEar Stainless Ear Cleaning Tool Kit


Provides complete, thorough and 360 degrees ear cleaning


Provide a relaxing massage to your ears while effectively cleaning soft and hard earwax. MrEar Stainless Ear Cleaning Tool Kit is the best tool to maintain good ear hygiene. Reusable and more practical than using cotton swabs. Safe, hygienic and very easy to disinfect. 



  • Practical ear cleaning tool set. MrEar Stainless Ear Cleaning Tool Kit is a better alternative and a safer choice for cleaning out soft and hard earwax. Cotton swabs may push the ear wax further inside your ear. Stainless ear cleaner sets are safe, non-slip and reusable. They’re easy to clean and disinfect and last longer than cotton swabs. Say goodbye to cotton swabs. 
  • Five kinds of ear cleaning tools.This set provides a complete, thorough and a 360 degrees comfortable and relaxing ear wax removal methodA 9-piece set that comes in 5 different ear cleaning tools in different sizes. This kit comes with 5 ear spoons and 3 spiral ear picks in different shapes and 1 goose feather ear pick. 

  • All-clean ear kit.  Designed to provide comfort and relaxation while cleaning ears. Choose from the different sizes of ear spoon, get 360 degrees cleaning to remove any residuals using the spiral pick and goose feather to relieve ears from itching all while providing a relaxing massage to your ear canal. 

  • Travel-friendly cleaning kit. Portable and lightweight. It’s travel friendly so you can pack it in your suitcase and maintain good ead hygiene throughout your trip. Made from medical grade stainless steel so they’re rust-resistant and durable. 

Product Details:

Components: Stainless steel, ABS, Feather

Product Size: 16.3 x 4.5 x 1cm

Product Weight: 28g

Package Included:

5 x ear spoons

3 x spiral picks

1 x goose feather pick

1 x storage box

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