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New Auto-adjustable 90 Degree Right Angle Woodworking Clamp

The New Auto-adjustable 90 Degree Right Angle Woodworking Clamp has the self-squaring capability that holds pieces strongly in place and adjustable angle for easy drilling, dowelling, framing, and more. Automatically align workpieces to 90 degrees in fast, easy, and quick adjustments.


  • Clamp at the right angle. It can hold varying stock thickness up to 1-¼ while exposing the right spots for pocket holes, dowels, and miters. Assemble wood pieces and securely hold them in place with 90° Corner Clamp. 
  • Make aligning an easy task.
    No other clamp will make clamping easiest. Clamp and screw, remove, align, clamp and screw is all you have to do. Snap it on and see it instantly joins pocketed boards fast. 
  • One is enough.
    Having more is good, but you only need one to clamp workpieces together. No worrying of frustrating misalignment even if you’re using varying sizes and workpieces.
90 Degree Corner Clamp Auto-Adjustable 90° Right Angle Clamps ...
  • Solid casting and strong.
    Holds everything in place and you don’t have to fumble around anymore. Good clasping strength without damaging the wood. Made with 420 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron and plastic. Rubber coated handle for better and secure grip. 
  • Necessary for woodworking.
    DIYers and professionals any woodwork needs fastening of pieces together. It’s a simple and effective tool for clamping pieces. You’d wonder why you haven't used this before.

Product Details:

  • Components: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, and plastic
  • Size: 235 * 135 * 110 mm/9.25*5.31*4.33"
  • Weight: About 585g

Package includes:

  • 1 x 90° Corner Right Angle Clamp

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