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NiceFeet Natural Detox Foot Pads


Get numerous benefits by simply adding NiceFeet Natural Detox Foot Pads to your nightly routine. 

Known to relieve stress by drawing out toxins from the lymphatic system. Boost your immune system, detox your body, improve blood circulation and get better sleep at night. 

  • Bring back your health and vitality. Feeling tired and stressed? Bring back your vitality by applying Super Patch+ Natural Detox Foot Pads. Get rid of the toxins and wastes caused by stress and fatigue. 
  • Detoxify your body as you sleep.Eliminate toxins, heavy metals, metabolic wastes and more while you sleep. Made from 100% organic ingredients. All natural ingredients of Bamboo Vinegar, Grape Seed and Lavender extract. Let your body absorb the benefits of these ingredients. As you sleep, your body absorbs the ingredients essence through your feet which is connected to the vital organs of your body. 
  • Sleep better at night. A simple addition to your evening routine like patching your feet with footpatch pads improves your sleep quality. Patch the foot pad for the entire night or 8-12 hours and see it works. Wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. No more dragging feet. A good sleep also results in better health. 
  • Boost your immune system. Promote healthy blood flow, metabolism and immune system. Prevent health issues by improving your blood circulation and cleansing it of wastes and toxins. Good blood circulation carries oxygen, vitamins and minerals throughout your body better. 

Product Details:

Ingredients: Bamboo Vinegar, Grape Seed and Lavender extract

Product Size: 13.4 x 10.6 x 6.8 cm

Product Weight: 180g

Package Included:

1 x Pack Super Patch+ Natural Detox Foot Pads (10pcs/ 30 pcs/ 60 pcs)

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