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Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat


Finally grill like a pro and without cleaning afterwards!

Charred meat, annoying grill cleaning and poor grill quality. Even though we love grilling, it can be a nerve-wracking and tedious process. The Grill Mat saves you the hassle of cleaning up your grills afterwards thanks to a unique choice of materials that are guaranteed to take your grilling to the next level.

Most people do not even know how to prevent the constant cleaning of their grill. In addition, far too much food falls into the fire and some become inedible due to the charcoal.

This was specially designed to counteract these problems. The secret is the food-grade PTFE material with coated fibreglass that keeps your grill and food safe and attractive. Delicious results are waiting for you.

Thanks to this grill mat, there is no need for tedious cleaning of your grill. The grill mat does not stick and the thickness of 0.2mm allows an unchanged grill taste. Specially designed for grilling, it always delivers great results and is reusable an incredible 100 times.


  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Finally, no more charred food bursting into flames.
  • TIME-SAVING- Save yourself the hassle of cleaning your grill from now on.
  • VERSATILE - Use on any grill or oven and use for everything from meat to fried eggs.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL- Heat resistant up to 300 degrees, does not stick to the grill and is dishwasher safe.

Thanks to the unique choice of materials, our grill mat is the perfect magic bullet for anyone who likes to focus on the beautiful side of grilling. 



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