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PCpro Ergonomic Keyboard Plate Mount

Not enough space for your PC Desktop set?

Maximizes your space while improving your range of mobility. Make your study and working space ergonomic by putting your keyboard and mouse on PCpro Ergonomic Keyboard Plate Mount. It’s an under-desk push and pull plate that is adjustable and allows you to level your keyboard and mouse to a more comfortable level.

  • Maximize the space under your desk. PCpro Ergonomic Keyboard Plate Mount is installed under your desk. This allows you to maximize your desk and under desk space. No need to cram your monitor and keyboard on a small desk. 
  • Ergonomically set up your workspace. Adjustable height of up to 5.9’’(150mm) which you can set up higher than the desk if you want to stand up while using the keyboard. It is also angle adjustable up to ±15° to properly level your typing hands and prevent strain. 
  • Improve your workspace range of mobility. Have more freedom using your keyboard whether sitting or standing in whatever angle or direction. Designed to have a 360 degree free rotation. Comfortable and prevents any strain from arms and fingers.  
  • Durable and steady keyboard tray.  Made from Phenolic Compact Laminate (HPL). It’s durable and can support your arms strongly as you type. No cross-beam so it remains leveled and comfortable to attach. Sizing at 28 x 13 x 6 inches, it can house your keyboard and mouse spaciously. 

Product Details:

Components: Phenolic Compact Laminate

Product Size: 28 x 13 x 6 inches

Product Weight: 17.5 pounds

Color: black

Package Included:

1 x Ergonomic Keyboard Plate Mount

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