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PerfectFIT Invisible Ring Size Adjuster

Ring size adjuster for a perfect fit

Buying a ring that perfectly fits your finger can be difficult. Ring size can change depending on a number of reasons including the weather, your physical fitness, hormones, diet, and medications. That’s why when it comes to getting the idyllic fit for your favorite ring, thisPerfectFIT Invisible Ring Size Adjusteris a must-have and is well recommended.



  • Easy to Use: It adapts an insert based design. A great solution for fingers with knuckle problems. The size adjuster fits on the bottom of the ring and is typically clear and discreet. Designed for rings that are several sizes big or only a tiny bit loose. This ring size adjuster is a great way to safely show off your favorite piece of jewelry without the risk of losing it.


  • Soft and Flexible Components: The adjuster is made using high-quality TPU silicone that is safe for your skin and won’t cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Designed to last through several uses and are also abrasion and oil resistant and has good elasticity.


  • Invisible Transparent Color:You will hardly see the ring size adjuster after you put it on. The transparent color does not detract from the beauty of the ring and you won’t even feel it’s existing. Makes your ring a perfect show.


  • Wide Compatibility:ThePerfectFIT Invisible Ring Size Adjusterpack includes 8 pieces per set in assorted sizes. There will always be one that will fit for your loose ring. Fits ring width from 1mm to 10.5mm. Suitable for both men and women’s rings even for those with big knuckles. You can also use it to combine several thin rings.

Product Details:

Components: TPU
Color: Transparent

  • XXS: fit 1-1.5mm
  • XS: fit 1.5-2.5mm
  • S: fit 2.5-3.5mm
  • M: fit 3.5-4mm
  • L: fit 4-5mm
  • XL: fit 5-7mm
  • XXL: fit 7-8mm
  • XXXL: fit 8-10mm

Package Included:

1 x PerfectFIT Invisible Ring Size Adjuster

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