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Plant Pulley - 2pcs

Optional Hooks
2* Plant Pulleys Included With Every Order

🌱Hang & Decorate Plants With No Hassle
🌱Works On Bird Feeders, Torches, Lighting & Plants
🌱20cm-90cm Retractable Wire
🌱Easy To Use, Max Weight 15KG
🌱Use Indoors or Outdoors

Hang plants using the all-new Plant Pulleys, the simple little device includes a 20cm-90cm retractable wire that can be pulled down easily so you can water, refill and hang plants easier.

How To Use

  1. Attach Hook/Hanger To Roof Or Beam
  2. Put The Metal Triangle Around The Hanger
  3. Attach The Plant To The Retractable Hook
  4. Hang or Pull

It's that easy - optional Plant Pulley Roof Hooks Available!

5/10/20 Piece Hook Package Available


Color: Black
Retractable Length: 20cm-90cm
Max Weight 15KG
2 Pieces Included Per Order
Size: 19.5cm*7.5cm
Material: Plastic, Wire

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