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PowerMax Vacuum Waste Separator


Do you want to separate your vacuum garbage easily while preventing your filter from getting clogged? Here is the solution to your needs!

 ThisPowerMax Vacuum Waste Separator allows the separation of 90-99% of impurities into a separate container. Let your vacuum cleaner work at full capacity. Separate the dust into a bucket instead of going into the vacuum cleaner.


  • Extend the life of the vacuum cleaner: This vacuum waste separator will help the vacuum cleaner filter and or the bag to not get clogged. Easy to clean and it will not damage your vacuum. Save your money from buying vacuum cleaners frequently. It is a high-performance separator and a channel cyclone that can collect a lot of garbage from your home.
    • Premium Quality:Made from durable PE material which is antistatic. Thick and easy to wash, it also has a tunnel inside which improves the removal of the spoil. Work with all kinds of vacuum cleaners, such as household vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners. Remove different kinds of light or heavy garbage. 
      • Holds strong with the flange: This PowerMax Vacuum Waste Separator will not easily fall down. The integral flange will help the screw connector to strengthen the connection. Attach the vacuum tube and vacuum cleaner suction pipe together without worrying about anything. Simply screw the vacuum waste separator to the dust or garbage barrel.
        • Wide application:Easily remove waste garbage near you like light things such as wood chips, wood chips, sawdust, dust or heavy things like iron, stone, sand, and more. Widely used in all industries such as machinery, textiles, home improvement, food, coal, cement, building materials, thermal power, metallurgy, steel, and cleaning vehicles.

          Product Details:

          Components: Plastic
          Weight: 500g
          Color: Black, White
          Power: 750W
          Wind Pressure: 2 kPa
          Air Volume: 80 m3/h
          Dimension: 190 x 165 x 320mm

          Package Included:

          1 Set x PowerMax Vacuum Waste Separator

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