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ProBand Edge Trimmer

Trim wood veneer edges seamlessly

ProBand Edge Trimmer is skillfully engineered, featuring two razor-sharp steel blades that smoothly cut strips in both directions. Its finger-friendly design makes it comfortable to hold and allows for safe and easy use. A simple yet effective approach to trimming wood veneer edge banding! 


  • Perfectly clean edges all the time: Trim any excess material and achieve a consistent, perfect straight finish without tearing the banding. This tool provides exact control to let you cut on the edges without the hassle, giving you smooth, clean and flush finish on both sides of your edge banding.
  • Non-slip and easy trimming:The non-slip handle ensures smooth motion as you slide past the trimming bit. Effortlessly maneuver it forward, backward, across ends or even on curved edges. It accommodates most edging with thicknesses of up to 3 millimeter
  • Perfect for both professionals and DIYs: Compact in shape and very lightweight, this tool comes really handy and comfortable to use. Ideal for a variety of woodworking projects including furniture, shelving and cabinetry, this tool is suitable for use by both professionals and woodworking hobbyists.

Product Details:

Components: ABS + T10
Size: 75 x 70 mm
Weight: approx. 64 g
Color: Yellow

Package Include:

1 x ProBand Edge Trimmer (2 blades included)

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