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PureLight Portable UV Light Sterilizer

Sanitize everything  and anything using PureLight Portable UV Light Sterilizer. 

Using powerful UV light to eliminate 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria. It’s the most effective and natural way of eliminating disease-causing bacteria and viruses. It works by damaging the DNA and RNA of viruses and bacteria and leaving any surface completely sterilized in minutes!

  • Sterilize any space and objects. Eliminate germs, viruses, mild and bacteria on any space and surfaces using this portable PureLight Portable UV Light Sterilizer. Disinfect your smartphone, computer, bag, glasses, bathroom, closet, and more! Simply turn it on and expose the space or object for a few minutes and you’re done!
  • Compact and portable UVC Light. As small as 4.53 x 2.56 x 0.98 inches and only 8.15 ounces. It’s lightweight, compact and very portable to carry anywhere you go. Bring it to your office or when running errands. Lessen your exposure to harmful germs, virus and bacteria anytime, anywhere. Rechargeable and battery powered so you it’s convenient and energy-saving. 
  • Attachable UV light sterilizer. This portable sterilizer comes with a 3M velcro that adheres to most surfaces. Attach it on spaces like closet, toilet, cabinets, drawers and more. 
  • Smart UV light emission.Designed with sensors that detect animals and humans presence within 2 feet range. It temporarily switches off and delays action until you, your family and pets are safely out of range. This mini UV light sanitizer completely eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses in 4 minutes in any surfaces within 2 feet range. 

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